I’ve been working in a lot of very non-literary fields. Phrasing I could argue with, because I have read a lot more books that weren’t about being a writer. There really is no job that is a waste of time for an author. And I find that farming makes a formidable companion to poetry. The canon is full of encounters with war, poverty, prejudice and politics. Farming is as close to war as one can come without declaring an enemy. Life and death and every inch of gray space in between. I’ve been working for a farm in Northern New York, I’ve sold flowers, fabric, worked at a ski hill, for the United Parcel Service, the Social Security Administration.

I’ve also been performing a historical drama with a professional theatre company, one man shows, coffee shop readings and more. I have received incredible responses from across the board, and sold several copies of a poetry chapbook called “Good Water” that I wrote during a recent extended trek on the Appalachian Trail, after performing a reading at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

For someone with so many irons in the fire, my endless struggle is to achieve cohesion between them.


Liberty Mountain: The Revolutionary Drama

Photography by Torrence Photography: @torrencephotography


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NC to NY:
Jeremiah Walks


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I’m selling manuscript draft copies of the book I wrote during the hike. It’s a chapbook length collection of poems, journal entries and trail writing from my hike last year. I walked the 800 miles from the beginning of Virginia to the New York state line, and I wrote the entire way. I just can’t wait for a publishing company to recognize its value to start sharing. Just let me know if you have any questions, but I’ve put an order form below. It costs $15 (includes shipping) to have the book sent to you, and I’ll Paypal you an invoice as soon as your order is prepared and ready to ship out. I can’t express how much your support means to me. I can’t wait to share this trip with you!


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